President's Message

President’s Message

When your try to explain to your friends and family how your business model works you’re likely to be met with a look of confusion or maybe a sense of disbelief.  After all, you will explain that your business calls for significant upfront investment on your part; in training, skills development, education and compliance with state regulation.  You tell your friend that at your expense you will spend countless hours with your customers and provide valuable guidance, assistance, administrative services, tailored advice and that you will do this without a contract or agreement for payment. 

You go on to explain that when you’re successful and you have a satisfied customer your customer will not pay you, but rather you’ll be compensated by a third party.  Then that this third party will pay you a set amount regardless of whether you deliver one hour or 100 hours of service to your customer. You then tell your friend that you don’t set the price of your product, that someone else does. Further, that the price for these products must be identical to that of your competition. 

If your friend is still with you at this stage in the conversation you go on to share that your business is in an industry that is in constant change, and changing faster.  Your industry is in the news almost daily, but that nobody knows what you do.  You’ll tell your friend that you’re in the business that provides something everybody needs but nobody really wants to have to use.  Yours is a business where the consumer who uses the service doesn’t pay the bill but where the customer who doesn’t use the service does. 

Finally you say that you successfully navigate this industry every day and that you love it. 

No wonder your friends and family don’t understand you.  But the Silicon Valley Association of Health Underwriters does.  SVAHU has been, and continues to be, the preferred resource for market leaders in the health and benefits market.  SVAHU supports you with education, guidance, advocacy…and a little understanding. 

Michael Traynor
Silicon Valley AHU